Monday, 6 October 2014

Well..... The best laid plans!!

Morning!!! A very sheepish, sorry I've neglected you, morning, but morning all the same!! :)

Those of you who follow my Facebook store, Rory and Millie's Wardrobe, will know I have been quite busy. I had the absolute JOY of being asked to test some Elf Slippers. These were unbelievably easy and simple to make up and so quick too!! In fact, I cut the fabric and then decided I wanted a brew. Once I sat down with the cuppa, I quickly sewed up both slippers and my tea was still hot enough to drink! How amazing is that?

From this.....

To this!!!!

I now have some puffy paint to write the kids names on the bottoms to help them be a bit non-slip too. Shame they only go up to kids sizes! Bells are apparently 'optional', but I didn't have any small enough to fit on the points.:)

I then managed to get a couple of orders for my retro hair bands! The girls at Rory's school are showing a bit of school pride now.

We have a relatively strict code of red, white and grey so these just about fly under the radar! Very pleased with them.

And last, but definitely not least, I won a pattern from Plucky Butterfly Designs. This lady has a whole heap of personal challenges yet still brings wonderful patterns into the world. She had a breakthrough at home and decided to share the joy. I chose the Rissa Roo Pixie Top. It was a lovely, easy, first introduction to knit fabric and came together super quick. Lot's of options make it incredibly versatile and both the girls loved it. It even got a thumbs up from Dad!!
Because of the way I got the pattern, I decided to share the joy. We have a boy at school who has physical issues and is supported by a charity, so every Pixie Top sold includes a donation to Head Start.It's my way of paying it forward and reminding myself that there but for the grace of God go I!!

 And she loves it!! I've even ordered some 'shudder' Hello Kitty fabric just for this! I will be making some long sleeved versions with it, just ready for the winter.

SO, long story short, I didn't make the Mandy K dress I was going to, but I have been busy!!

Speak soon!!

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