Saturday, 11 October 2014

Autumn Colours!!! Mmmmm!!!!

Gosh I love the Autumn!!

Not just because it's both my girls and mines birthdays, but I love the colours! I love the changing landscapes. I love being able to spot the old birds nests when the leaves fall and the beautiful contrast of the conifer trees still with needles on. Then we have Halloween, Bonfire and Christmas and then the promise of a New Year. I'll even put up with snow!! ;)

As I said, we've had three birthdays in the house in the last few weeks, and it has stretched me ever so nicely! Both girls wanted new outfits, but I can admit on here to being slightly Millie-biased in the whole clothes making malarky as Rory has to wear uniform to school. So there is less time for my oh-so-fabulousness!! :D In the end, they both had to wait as I was waiting for some gorgeous hi cat knit fabric to do the Rissa Roo Pixie Shirt from The Plucky Butterfly with long sleeves for the winter.

Here's the fabric....

And here's the dress!!

She has her sleeves rolled up as we were at a soft play for some-one else's birthday!! It's been a busy month!! I managed to get a size 5 and a size 3 out of 1 metre of knit with long sleeves. It's a fantastic pattern!!

I also had a party to go to and managed to whip up a pencil skirt and a lovely top. It was quite nice sitting and listening to the other ladies talk about where and how much their dresses were and working out I had spent about 50p on the top fabric and £1.50 on the skirt!

I am a little bit excited.... I am going to be taking part in a blog tour!! Little old me!! I shall be making a 'super' quick costume for Halloween or any kind of dress up. Drop by on the 18th for my post!!


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