Monday, 13 October 2014

Fabric, fabric everywhere, but never the right one.....

Gah! My hubby delights in telling me I have too much fabric and can't have more. No, what I don't have is storage space, so it has to sit on the floor under my table. And in the basket. And in the box.

No really, to be fair, I don't have that much, and it really is the wrong type! I have some bed sheets and some upholstery fabric. Not good for making dresses. I have thin poly cotton and satin. Not good for winter things. Gah!

What I want to do is sell clothes and nice things. But I need the right fabric for that. But I need to sell things to afford nice fabric. That good old catch 22.

On the plus side, I have a fabulous new pattern to test and take part in a blog tour with!! And it really is 'super'!!! Can't wait to show you on the 18th!

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