Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blog Tour and a Super New Pattern!!!


I feel really privileged and surprised. The amazing ladies at Everything Your Mamma Made & More let me not only test for them, but they have added me onto their blog tour!

The Little Superhero Set was ridiculously easy to make up and there really are loads of options. In sizes from newborn to 10 years and a doll size, it comes with plenty of different appliqué patterns and the letters of the alphabet so you can personalise your outfit in so many ways.

You can use absolute scraps to make the set, and with three mask options, it's really easy to keep the little ones happy. I chose to double up on the mask just because the colours were fab!

The cuffs again take so very little to make up that I didn't need to really buy anything!

I had been informed that Rory wanted to be Colourful Girl, so that work out well! There is a belt as well, but she didn't want that. All that was left was to make the cape.

It is reversible and I made the inside black as she has a Harry Potter Party to go to soon, so it's two costumes for the price of one!

I made this entire set, including cutting out, in around 90 minutes. It really is that simple yet effective. She was running around so quickly, she didn't even want to put shoes on! There are no tricky bits. You are walked through the steps so simply, everything is explained clearly.

I enjoyed it so much, the next day I whipped up a set for a 5 month old....

Super or what???

         Use the coupon below and get your little ones Halloween sorted or just fulfil their Super dreams!!!

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