Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Nearly school.... To make or not to make???

Morning all!

This time next week Rory will be getting ready for her second day at full time school and I am still struggling with this question. I have uniform that her Nana bought, but there is a bot of me that wants to make her something to wear! I even purchased a pattern that would be perfect; the Happy Days Dress by Mandy K Designs, and I even have some red and white gingham ready. But..... would I be committing a playground faux pas by sending her in home-made? She loves my dresses but will she get laughed at? I just want to wrap her in things lovingly made for her rather than mass produced somewhere.

Is it strange I'm more bothered about this issue than the fact that she is starting full-time school? She is so very ready for full time, challenging, engaging school that I can't wait for her! She is still at that lovely stage where she can't wait to go and is ready hours before she needs to be. This was her last year on her first day of pre-school:

I followed a blog where a lady made her tween daughters clothes for an entire year for school. Now that's that's dedication! And no uniform!! She did it to highlight the lack of tween patterns out there and to show her daughter the value of handmade. A very valuable lesson I think!

That's it, I've talked myself into making one! Pics to follow! ;)

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