Sunday, 28 December 2014

Merry Christmas!! And a Happy New Year!!

Hi lovelies!

Did you have a good couple of days? I hope Father Christmas brought you every thing you deserved? Good.

Shall we talk New Year yet? Have you thought about your goals? I want to grow my business and get my house in order. We have already decided to re-do the kitchen, so I want to take a month to do each room in the house. Not necessarily a paint and new carpet job each time but a sort out and re-organise. With this in mind I have been trawling the internet to try and find some inspiration and came across this great Blog with some fantastic resources in it

Shaunta lays it all out neatly and to the point and is a great pick me up! is the link to her two planners, one for me and one for this blog. I'm hoping that using these will sort me out!!!

Speak soon!!

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