Thursday, 11 December 2014

Holiday Stress....

Why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we add things to our already hectic lives?

I saw a comment on Facebook the other day, 'When did Christmas get so stressful?' This was from a lady with a new baby, a toddler, a husband and a dog. She had decided this year to start doing the Elf on the Shelf thing. And she'd just heard about the North Pole Breakfast, so wanted to do that.

I politely told her that it is only as complicated as you make it. We didn't put the tree up till last Sunday. Before then, we only had the Advent Calenders and that was plenty for my two! Not that they aren't excited, they are, but there is so much going on that they just don't need any more stimulation and I don't need any more stress! We have Nativity plays, Christmas Fayres, dance performances, toy day, stay and play, Christmas Dinner at school, family parties......

I think that's why I love my sewing so much. It's my chance to shut off from all that stuff and just focus on the next bit of fabric going over the feed dogs, and that's it. I have been working on a very special piece that I will be able to share after the weekend and I didn't want any more worry on top of that. Having got the girls dresses and mine sorted, the blog tour done, I could concentrate on this project. I can't wait to share.

So, my tip for the Holiday season? Keep it simple. It's way more special to be relaxed and have fun.

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