Friday, 5 December 2014

All Tucked In For The Holiday Tour!!! :)

Hi Lovelies!

Have you missed me?

I have been super busy, what with school Nativity plays, trips to light up forests, Campervan weekends away, and the odd bit of sewing.

After the fantastic Superhero Tour, I was asked by the lovely ladies at Every Thing Your Mama Made to take part in their All Tucked In for the Holidays Tour, featuring their Riley's Night shirt/gown pattern in knit. There are many cotton patterns out there but few in knit fabric which is odd! What I loved about this pattern is the lovely side detail. It is a real Wee Willie Winkie-esque pattern and looks so cute!

I had to make two, of course, one for each! Millie's was first.....

Isn't she cute????
The fabulous neck detail was what I was going for on this picture, but man what I would do for those eyelashes!!!

These jammies are great for talking on the phone to Nana or watching the t.v.
Then I had to make Rory some too, only I ran out of the butterfly fabric! Fortunately she liked the red, so that was all good!

                         Here is the lovely side hem detail that I adore, so cute and traditional.

                                                   And then here are the goofy shots!!

 Okay, so how was the pattern I hear you ask?

Well, as with all the EYMM patterns I have made so far, the cutting and sticking part was very easy. There are very clear lines fr lining up the pieces and the nesting makes it all quicker. I am in the unfortunate position of needing to print both sizes due to the ages of my girls, but hey! That's what happens when there is such a fantastic age range!

The instructions were clear, to the point and didn't leave any room for error. I even asked Hubby to have a read to see just how newbie-friendly they were. His response? I don't know what the bits are called, but I can follow it! Believe me, this is high praise.

There are a few options for this, long or short sleeves and either a long night gown - as I did - or a shorter night shirt. Your knit has to have the right stretch in order to make the hems and collar but it's not too difficult to sort out if not and you are given instruction for this. There is also an adults version, Callie's.

If you have got this far, well done! You deserve a special code and price for this fabulous pattern! Coupon code SNUGASABUG, good for 30% off any Riley's Nightgown & Sleep Shirt or Callie's Nightgown & Nightshirt purchase (including the bundle) at until 11:59PM PST on Dec. 11, 2014. Please do check out the other stops on the tour, these ladies are amazing!!!


  1. Oh my goodness so cute! Are your gowns some kind of crushed velvet? They look soooo soft!!!

  2. Hi Gina, the red was crushed velvet but the butterfly is a textured knit. It has small circle bumps in it so it feels squiggly!! And thank you!! :)