Monday, 24 November 2014

And breathe.......Oh no, wait, can't!!!

Howdy all!

Can you believe this year is nearly over?!? Goodness me, where has it gone?

We have been super busy the last couple of weeks and it doesn't seem to be slowing down yet. Rory took part in a national dance competition yesterday in Blackpool and it was amazing! She was so good, I was so impressed how this little 5 year old handled all the noise, pressure and excitement of performing at the Opera House. She was also picked to go back on stage while the judge read out her comments so that was extra special.
This was taken at home after the performance. How fab does she look??
My two dancing girls!!

Anyway, no time to rest, I've got another blog tour coming your way!! Yes, very soon I will be taking part in the EYMM All Tucked in for the Holidays Tour!! I will be showcasing the Riley's nightgown in knit for both the girls, and probably popping a pair of The Plucky Butterflys' shorts on underneath!

I'm blogging on the 5th, but I will be sharing before then, so keep looking!!

(And no, I didn't make her dance dress!! :D )

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