Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month!!

Hi lovelies!!

Happy New Year!! Did you all have a good one? I'm afraid we belong to the 'not bothered' group in our house. We have only stayed up once to watch Jools and that was our first night in our own house. We had rented for years and got the keys on Christmas Eve. We spent New Years on a mattress in the living room, drinking a small bottle of Asti we had been given when we got married out of proper teacups that I made Him buy - because you have to have proper teacups with saucers when you own your own house!

How daft!

No, this year we were in bed for 10:30 and joined by the Little One by about 2am. Yes, I know, I shouldn't be letting the 3 year old join us in bed. Trust me I had it with the now 5 year old too! But the snuggles are nice and will be over far too soon. Plus, she's a little hot water bottle. If only I could get her to sit on my feet.....

I am hoping for some big things this year. Little One starts pre-school this term which will give me a couple of hours free. I really want to concentrate on this little blog and my business and get them up and running. I am hosting an amazing gig in my village hall which will hopefully fund an embroidery machine for me which will in turn fund other things. We are attacking the house, one room a month. We have already started on the new kitchen today and I have an amazingly violet wall! We have a lot of VW and Folk festivals we want to hit as well as using our family Christmas present from the In-Laws, a National Trust membership.

So, a few things going on! My aim is to post 3 times a week to start and hopefully build up from there.

Please check out my shop, Rory and Millie's Wardrobe, which will also be having a re-vamp, or have a look on Etsy; My Shop.

Speak soon!!!

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