Friday, 9 January 2015

New Challenges!!!

Hi Lovelies!!

I am giving myself a new challenge this year, quilting! Bear with me, I may ramble a bit...

We lost my Grandad around this time last year. It was sudden and unexpected and a massive shock. He was a big man in bot height and personality and he space left was immense. His passions were family and Church foremost and he is incredibly missed in both. I have travelled with my girls a couple of times to Grandmas' Church and always been welcomed with open arms and the girls have enjoyed themselves, the children's area is well stocked with toys and silence is no required! It is however a little stark.

The Church was built in the 70's when those blue/grey bricks were in fashion and it's also a very large open space. There were children's pictures on the walls, but it still lacked something. Then I stumbled upon this on Pinterest. here was no pattern so I had to wing it.

I won't go into too much detail now as I plan on doing a post just on that, but after I had got over the stress and joy of doing the hanging, I realised I'd quite enjoyed it! So I joined a group on Facebook, #pq6 and made my first quilted piece!

The theme was Trees. Little One had been given a book for Christmas, Day Monkey, Night Monkey, and I used that as my inspiration. I had a piece of fabric with slants on it that would make great trees and found some lovely green velvet with gold detailing. I had some wadding and backing left from the hanging and Bob's your uncle!

Can't wait for the next Challenge!!! If you want to join in, check out the website: Quilting Challenge

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