Thursday, 26 September 2013

Poorly Pumpkin

  Well, as I type, I have sleeping poorly Pumpkin giving me pins and needles in my arm and making me thankful that I can near enough touch type one-handed. She has an unknown malady that will no doubt have disappeared by morning, but has put a serious dink in my evening plans. Oh well, the joys of kids, eh?

  I have nearly completed three of my amazing Christmas stocking presents for my lovely family. When I told my brother I was breaking our 'no presents for grown-ups' rule his reply was that he didn't want a knitted loo roll cover. I now need to desperately find one of those awful kitsch 1970's pink fluffy doll things to give to him. I shall try and get some pics up of my stockings and maybe even a tutorial, for in my vanity I live int he hope that someday, some-one will read this and want to make them too!

I am also scouring Pintrest at the moment looking at lovely cot bumpers and quilts. My lovely cousin an his wife are expecting and they have very little spare money so everyone is very much chipping in and helping out. It is lovely to see how all the family pulls together. Not that I would expect anything less from our large family, but it's still nice to see.

Well, Pumpkin is snuffling again and I've just realised my breakfast muffins are still in the freezer. Never mind, they'll defrost in the toaster, right?!

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