Monday, 23 September 2013

First pics!

Well, that was a bit of a pause, wasn't it?

Life has a great tendency of getting in the way, doesn't it? I am attempting to throw myself into village life with both feet. I already run a Beaver Colony in the nearby town, but I realised that I know very few of my neighbours. Now that Beanie has started Pre-school at the village school I am determined to get involved in the whole shebang! I have a PTA meeting this week, school photos, Harvest Festival at Church and a coffee morning as well as Beanies first play date! I've even been looking at the WI, although there isn't one in the village so maybe it needs setting up.....

I have managed to take a couple of pics of my creations for you! Aren't you lucky! ;)

This is a bag I knitted from a silly ruffled yarn ball that my mate gave me. It came with a scarf pattern but I thought it would scratch the heck out of me if I did that so I made a bag instead. I lined it with some fleece and crochet chained the strap. It reminds me of a brain coral!

This is one of the first things I made on my machine. A dress for Beanie. This material features in nearly everything I have made! It was bought for our Campervan and has been amazing to work with. I'd love to say that this swirly skirt was what I was going for, but it was actually a lovely mistake. I tried following the pattern and basically bodged my measuring! Made it into a lovely handkerchief skirt instead so a happy accident.

This is a pillowcase dress I made for Pumpkin! I think everyone has to make one of these at some point, don't they? Love the pocket, it was a great inspiration as it was the underarm material! The ribbon around the bottom hides the stitching for the netting. Basic but lovely!

Will post some more pics next time, got to go get Beanie from school....and find that WI form!!!


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