Sunday, 13 October 2013

Poorly again......And a craft update!

Hello All!!

It's a bit worrying that nearly half my posts are when Pumpkin is poorly! She is not generally a sickly child, but I am loving listening to Mozart lullabies whilst I type! She has a horrid rattly cough so into bed with Mummy it is. The really irritating thing is she was getting better at sleeping in her bed before this too.Oh well.

I have cut out all the stockings!! Hurrah! Just need to cut out the batting for 2 and then stitch the last 4 together.I must remember to take some pics to show you as I do the last ones. I have also, randomly, starting making a tunic for Beanie. I have purchased a book with some fantastic kids clothes in, complete with paper patterns. Now this is an area I have not yet delved into, so I picked up a cheap 70's style kids tunic pattern at a charity shop to try out first. The pattern pieces were already cut out so I hope it will fit her! If not, it'll be there when she's big enough.

I am also going to have a bash at some Halloween costumes this year. I shall be a hedgehog, the girls will be birds and Hubby wants to be the Staypuft Marshmallow Man. Should make for an interesting family photo!


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