Monday, 11 November 2013

Apologies.........dead technology!!!!

Hi guys! I am so sorry for the radio silence, our laptop decided to die and leave us in a technological abyss! It has been truly horrible. Thank goodness for my phone upgrade last month to something with a decent connection. I have to admit it. I need my internet!!

I have, however, been super busy and creative! I have made costumes for my two girls - a red bird and a blue bird - and one for me - a hedgehog. I have also whipped up a crochet owl hat for Beanie, all but finished my stockings and made a dress for Beanie. I am really excited about this last one. I bought a book full of fantastic patterns for clothes for the girls but I had never worked from a pattern before. So, I managed to find a pattern for a girls 70's tunic in a charity shop and I made it using a duvet cover from the bargain bin at Ikea. I even had to put in a zip!! Can I admit to doing a little victory dance when it was done? Cool!

Will post pics when I get the chance.


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